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The Adventures of Crofty Down Under – Part 2

During the Australian Grand Prix we met up with Crofty a couple of times in the F1® Paddock. He was usually having a chat with someone – an F1 celebrity, or someone who had just got a temporary VIP pass which is good for 30 minutes in this Formula 1® heaven (unless you had purchased a ‘Legend Package’ from Wendy which gave you a full day in the Paddock!). Crofty was also introducing Phil to everyone as his chauffeur, remembering our recent journey from Adelaide to Melbourne.

Crofty had been busy attending many corporate functions and making guest appearances at some of the F1® Experiences hospitality venues during his busy 5 days at the Aussie GP, mentioning how safe he felt in central Melbourne away from the myriad of creatures in Australia that can kill you!

Wendy’s guests, Kath & Steve. A Special moment with Crofty in the F1® Paddock.

The next time we chatted with Crofty was very early Monday morning, to see how he was, but predominantly to make sure he was on the Qantas flight to Perth, given he would be on stage in Perth that evening. He assured us he was on the plane and about to take off – phew –the relief was palpable.

Safely arriving in Perth, Crofty checked into his hotel room for which Wendy had organised a guaranteed upgrade and a range of extra amenities. We were on a Virgin flight two hours later, so we had planned a lunch at the Epicurean at the Crown, to which Crofty asked Phil for directions. However, he then remembered that Phil had experienced some difficulty finding the entry to the Crown Towers the previous Friday, so decided to use the hotel concierge for directions instead! Our son Paul, Paul’s partner, Jordy, and our grandson, Roman, joined us for a sumptuous lunch where Crofty revisited his theory that kangaroos were ‘made-up’ to attract tourists to Australia, just to mask the fact that the rest of the fauna, on land or in the sea, could kill you.

That afternoon, we were off to rehearsal where our brilliant technical team of Brad, Anthony and Geoff were busy putting the final touches to the show. Well, not final, because 5 minutes before going on stage, Crofty asked if they could insert a short video clip into the run sheet. As usual, the crew made it happen and he entered the stage after the inspiring opening video, with his trademark “It’s lights out and away we go”.

Two-and-a-half hours later, the sold-out audience filed out with smiles on their faces, sharing an up close and personal evening with Crofty with likeminded F1® fans. A lucky few who had purchased the portraits or bid the highest in our silent Oscar Piastri auction, were invited backstage for a private meeting with Crofty where, once again, he entertained this select audience with further humorous tales.

VIP Access
A treasured family photo with the one and only, David Croft
The crowd hanging on every word from Crofty

The next afternoon, it was down to Freo! Crofty wanted to experience the fish and chips from the famous Cicerello’s at Fishing Boat Harbour, where he would not only experience one of his favourite meals but also be close to the Bon Scott memorial, a man he admired as a pioneer in the world of rock-and-roll.

At Cicerello’s in Freo

As anyone who has attended this restaurant would know, there are newspaper clippings hanging up with headlines that refer to shark attacks, and even a surfboard with evidence of shark bites! This only reinforced Crofty’s now solid theory that Australia only contained killer fauna.

Unfortunately, a sometimes-deadly mosquito, had bitten Crofty on his forearm and according to him, was so swollen that he looked like one half of Popeye (if you are under 40 – look him up). Another afternoon rehearsal, followed by another amazing stage performance from Crofty in his two-and-a-half-hour audience-interactive show, and it was back to the Crown Towers for a good night’s sleep.

VIP Access
VIP Access
Happy guests with their exclusive "It’s lights out and away we go" t-shirts
An opportune t-shirt signing
Crofty discusses the latest issues in Formula 1 with the crowd
Commentator’s Challenge
Lucky prize winner, Jeb Prince with his signed Oscar Piastri McLaren Cap

After a relaxing Wednesday by the pool and a lunch/meeting, we met Crofty at the Crown Towers TWR bar for a debrief and discussion around what shows we were going to do in 2025. Let’s just say that 2025 is going to bigger and better, with more entertaining and interactive shows than ever before!

Roman and Crofty…."It's lights out and away we go!"

BRING ON 2025  – just don’t mention the sharks, jellyfish, spiders, snakes, mosquitos, killer quokkas?, or any other Australian fauna!

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