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“Ask Crofty” 2022

How awesome was that?

David (Crofty) Croft returned to Perth for (originally) two new shows, after the 2021 show did not proceed due to Covid.  However, with Covid still impacting Western Australia, we took the gamble to advertise and sell two shows at the marvelous All Saints’ College Centre for Performing Arts in Bull Creek.

F1 Experiences
The VIP area for the Perth Shows
F1 Experiences
Part of the ‘masked’ Perth Audience

Perth Events

  • Our first and only show in 2020 was to a sell-out crowd of 420.
  • 2022 – We quickly realized that despite what was happening on the East Coast of Australia, we would be unlikely to be permitted to have a full-house at either of our planned shows, so we worked on the assumption that we would only be allowed 75% capacity (315 guests).
  • 5 weeks before our shows, it was announced by the State Government that the capacity would be limited to 50% (210 guests).
  • This decision meant we had to refund around $13 000 of B Reserve tickets for the two shows.
  • When David was told of this decision, he asked if it was possible to put on a matinee show on the Saturday, for which he would charge NO fee, so that those who wanted to see the show would have the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, because all VIP and A Reserve seats had already been sold for the first two shows, it meant that there would be no B Reserve seats for sale for the matinee.
  • One week before the planned first show the Government announced that the capacity limit would be raised to 75% on 31 March for front-facing venues (our first show was scheduled for 1 April).
  • We immediately released some of the B Reserve seats for all 3 shows.
  • In just 6 days we managed to sell around 135 B Reserve seats.
  • A total of 791 people attended our three capacity-limited shows.
  • Bars were introduced this year for both VIP guests and general admission guests, which was welcomed by almost all.

For each show, Crofty arrived on stage (after a ‘Hollywood’ inspired opening video) with his catchphrase “It’s Lights Out and Away We Go!”

For the next two and half hours, the audience were entertained and interacted with Crofty through our polling software, with 65-70% of the audience joining in. All through the show, guests could enter questions, and these were moderated and ranked to be used in the Ask Crofty section in the second half of the show.

F1 Experiences
Liking his t-shirt!
F1 Experiences
Lucky fans with their signed merchandise
F1 Experiences
All the fun of the Commentator's Challenge

The Commentator’s Challenge again prove popular with the audience – especially because we had received approval to use footage from the current year with the new regulations and fantastic F1 cars.

Even unique footage from inside the Commentary booth with Crofty and Jenson Button proved to be thoroughly entertaining for the appreciative audiences over the three shows.

So, after three Perth shows on Friday 1 April, and two on Saturday 2 April, it was time to get ready to go to Melbourne for our one show at Plenary at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

In between shows, Crofty was invited on the Sunday into the LENDI Box at the Eagles – Dockers AFL game at Optus Stadium and Crofty was entertained (and certainly entertained those in and around the box), by the spectacle of Aussie Rules under lights in this magnificent stadium. LENDI, also sponsor the actual eagle that flies through the stadium, and to Crotty’s delight, the eagle was brought to the box for some unique photo opportunities.

F1 Experiences
Crofty with Auzzie the Eagle
F1 Experiences
Honorary guernsey

Our thanks and appreciation go to all at LENDI for their generosity in enabling this to occur.

Melbourne Event

  • The one show in Melbourne occurred on Tuesday 5 April.
  • The Melbourne event had David Croft and Martin Brundle for the 2-hour show.
F1 Experiences
The magnificent stage at Plenary, Melbourne
  • Plenary proved to be a wonderful venue with even more audience interaction from the more than 500 guests in attendance.
  • Martin was interviewed by Crofty and also took centre stage to judge the Melbourne Commentator’s Challenge, with witty and supportive dialogue for all those participating.
F1 Experiences
Crofty hosting the Commentator’s Challenge
F1 Experiences
Martin judging the Commentator’s Challenge
  • The VIP guests got to spend nearly an hour pre-show talking with David and Martin in a private and intimate atmosphere before going backstage for food and beverages, and to watch Crofty being interviewed live on AFL 360!
F1 Experiences
The lucky VIP guests before the show!
F1 Experiences
Live cross for AFL 360

The show was well-received by everyone who attended, and we would like to thank promoters TEG Live, Plenary staff and technicians and our own Geoff Glencross who we flew to Melbourne to coordinate the technical side of the event, in collaboration with Brad Lucas who expertly ran the interactive software used on the night, from his loungeroom ‘cockpit’ in Perth.

It looks like we had better start planning for ‘Ask Crofty’ 2023.  Stay tuned!

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